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Attention Algonquin Harvesters

Reminder: Deer Season in WMU 41 is closed as of Dec15, 2015.

The cow moose harvest is closed in all WMU's as of Dec 21, 2015.

    The moose calf harvest in WMU 48 is closed as of Tuesday, October 20, 2015.

The moose calf harvest in WMU 55b is closed as of Saturday, October 17, 2015.

Election Results August 2015

Kwey ! Kwey !


Our Elders tell us that water is the giver and protector of life;
It is also able to sustain it.
They say for this offering we must honor and give thanks.
A River represents purity,
a River and its tributaries are the veins and arteries of Mother Earth.
A River has the ability to clean itself,
and is always in a state of transition in its early stages.
The ability to shape itself ultimately determines its own destiny.
One River flowing into another makes the River stronger
and fosters that Spirit of Cooperation to overcome all obstacles in its path.
Together Rivers ultimately reach their common destinations,
bringing with them new life, meeting the food requirements downstream.
Yet each River is able to maintain its own destiny and uniqueness.
Never does a River leave, once it has joined another.
It's this peace and harmony that is so attractive and achievable.
We, the Madadjiwan Corporation, are that River.
And we are now embarking upon a journey with other Rivers upstream and down.
The Mattawa/North Bay Algonquin First Nation is our Ambassador,
carving routes for future generations to follow.